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April 2015

Mark your calendars now for our next Cambodia Fundraiser Seminar & Bridge Game!
FRIDAY, MAY 1st @ 9.30 am

Location: 5 Glen Park Ave. Habonim Synagogue
Space is limited - REGISTER TODAY!

Cambodian Fundraiser - May 2015 Registration Form
  • Seminar with JOHN RAYNER, a fabulous bridge teacher (who has represented Canada) at 9.30 am.
  • A light lunch will be served at 11.30 am.
  • Presentation by Patti Lee after lunch.
  • Game follows at 12.30 pm.
  • Door prizes!

There will be a silent auction so we would welcome any donations of items that you think would be attractive for the auction. Restaurant vouchers, hair dresser vouchers, movie tickets, baseball games, gift certificates are always welcome. If you know someone or are a frequent patron of a restaurant or store, it would be wonderful if you could solicit a donation for this cause.

Please email Patti or Barbara

Minimum donation: $40.00. NO MAXIMUM!
Please make out cheques to A MINE FREE WORLD.

NOTE: There will be a $10.00 fee at the door to cover expenses also.

The bidding (IN ADVANCE) will start on Saturday April 25th and end at 6pm on Thursday April 30th. To have an advanced bid go through, the bidder needs to talk to Patti personally at 416-606-0848 or email . YOU MUST have an email response from her. If you have not received an email response from her, it means that she did not receive your email and you should phone Patti's cell at 416-606-0848.

The silent auction bidding will be done on Friday, May 1st at the event.

The final bidding will take place at 2 pm on Friday, May 1st at the Habonim Synagogue.

Silent Auction - France Farmhouse 1 Week

Silent Auction - Queen For A Day
Value: $1100

Weed & Feed Lawn Care
...from Lawns by Neil
Value: $350.00

Lawns by Neil
Lawn care program for 2015!

Includes: Spring Fertilizer, Spring Weed Control, Summer Fertilizer, Summer Weed Control, Fall Fertilizer, Fall Weed Control AND Spring Aeration! Maximum property size: 2,500 Sq.Ft.

Silent Auction - Ocean Terrace Inn

GT Air Home Comfort

Cambodian Landmine Survivor WAS
in Need of a Well

Thanks to G.T Air Systems Inc. from Kingston Ontarion, Lunn Kim Souen WILL receive a well (his biggest wish!) so that he can grow vegetables and sell them locally to help support his family. GT Air Home Comfort

Up until now, his only water supply has been a small cistern with no pond anywhere near his home. He has a wife and child and sometimes cares for his aged mother-in-law. His family lives in rural Svay Rieng province, Cambodia. When temporary work as a security guard, dishwasher, or anything, is available in Phnom Penh (120km away), he leaves his family and lives in Phnom Penh until the temporary position is finished.

Thanks to the generous donation from G.T. Air Systems, he will be able to have his well and some tools and seeds to help him kick-start his new business.

Thank you to Neil Glenn! And thank you to Di Bruce for helping coordinate the donation. You have just changed not only his world, but also that of his family and future generations of his family. We will look forward to Sophea Keo's reports as he implements this project for Souen! Project conducted by www.aminefreeworld.org

BLT Svay Rieng School Update:

School has begun at the Rotary-Kempenfelt School here in Daunleb village in rural Svay Rieng province, Cambodia. Teacher Sophea Keo has 4 one-hour classes. There are 3 beginner classes and one class for advanced students. Just open for three weeks now, and the 180 students there have learned all the Listen to the children sing the alphabetalphabet, two songs and are practicing their first sentences in English.

Teacher Sophea Keo is doing a great job teaching English. This is the only free English school in the area. A team of 33 Rotarians and Friends from Ontario, Canada, under Mike Kinsey and MaryAnne Cameron-Kinsey, built this School this past January.

Many thanks to Mike Kinsey and MaryAnne Cameron-Kinsey and their wonderful team and all the donors who supported this project for the children here.

Rotary-Kempenfelt School, Daunleb village in rural Svay Rieng School Dedication

HTS Engineering School Update:

Families in Cambodia have just finished their three-day Khmer New Year holiday.

Teacher Sokun at the new school in the village of Phnom Sampov, Battambang, has sent us a fun photo with some of the children at the school enjoying some games over the holidays.

Thanks again to HTS ENGINEERING in Toronto, Canada for giving the children this school, which also gives them a place where they can play together.

In the photos below, you can see the 6-7pm class and it looks like it is pretty well running out of room!
Looks like they will be needing MORE chairs soon!

Etobicoke Rotary Supports Toilets for Cambodian Landmine-Affected Families

  • Va Kong and family
  • Soeng Savath and family
  • Hem Samon and family
  • Ccheth Thary and 17 family members
  • Lunn Kim Souen

March 2015

This NEW SCHOOL in the village of Phnom Sampov, Battambang, Cambodia, built and funded by HTS ENGINEERING in Toronto, Canada, is now up and running with three free English classes per day, with over 60 students attending so far! The school is also now wired with lights to accommodate the later classes.

  • 11:30am - 12:30pm - Beginner Level - 25 students
  • 5pm - 6pm - Beginner Level - 30 students
  • 6pm - 7pm - Level One - New Headway Beginner - 8 students

26 year-old Chong Sokun is our enthusiastic teacher there. He studies at Build Bright University and volunteers at the local Vipissana Meditation Centre.

He'll make a big difference in these children's futures.

This A Mine Free World project is coordinated by our team member Srey Own, who also organizes some of our Rotary Wheels for Learning Bicycle Distributions in this province.

This past February, our Rotary bicycle distribution team from Canada distributed bicycles to children here so they could attend this school.

This very new school is located in the village of Phnom Sampov, Battambang, Cambodia and provides free English classes to area children and conducts outreach programs for landmine-affected families.

Volunteers are welcomed. Here is a video of the small lunch-hour class. Contact for more info.

MANY THANKS from all of us at A Mine Free World to HTS Engineering for the opportunity and promise for the future you have provided these village children.

White Dove Weaving Centre

White Dove Weaving CentrePauline and Lisa visited Dove Weaving Centre with Barbara Seagram and Leslie Cadeau from Toronto. Our weavers are creating beautiful fine scarves in pure cotton.

White Dove Weaving Centre - Follow us on Facebook

The Centre teaches rural Cambodian women the art of hand loom weaving and provides them with a self-sustainable income. Centre built by Round Square.

February 2015

This morning (Tues. Feb. 24) was the first morning of student registration at the Barrie-Kempenfelt-built Rotary School in rural Svay Rieng province, Cambodia.

Kempenfelt Rotary Club

Two months ago a team of Rotarians & Friends from District 7010, Canada came and built this school. At the end of January 2015, our Rotary Wheels for Learning team distributed 211 bicycles funded by Barrie-Kempenfelt Rotary at this school.

Bike distribution at new HTS Engineering SchoolOn February 1, at the Rotary Wheels for Learning Bicycle Distribution Team of 22 Rotarians and Friends from Southern Ontario arrived at the HTS Engineering School and distributed 50 bicycles to students that will attend this school! The team also brought along suitcases of donated school supplies that helped to get the school of to a good start. Children were also given a dental hygiene education lesson and received a toothbrush and tooth paste.

A teacher has been employed and classes have begun at this school! A Mine Free World Team members will be back at the school mid-March and we look forward to seeing new photos, information and videos of the classes in session there! Thanking you again HTS Engineering for the difference you have made towards free English lessons for the children in Phnom Sampov, Battambang province, Cambodia.

January 2015

Kempenfelt Rotary Club

The Barrie-Kempenfelt Rotary Club is funding ANOTHER Banyan Learning Tree School in Cambodia

This new school will be built in Daunleb Village, Kouk Pring Commune, Svay Chrum District, Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia!Barrie Rotaract Club

The Barrie Rotaract Club (an international program for adults 18-30 who want to make a difference), has funded the landfill and as soon as the rainy season has finished, the remainder of the landfill will go in.

The Barrie-Kempenfelt Rotary Club is raising funds for the latrine, well, pump, school building, perimeter fencing, school supplies and furnishings and operating costs for the first eight years!

New School Location Mike and Mary Anne Kinsey from the Club are bringing over a team of 25 Ontario, Canada Rotarians and Friends to build the school and fencing - January 9-30, 2015.

The Grand Opening Ceremony for the school will be held on January 28th where the School Building Team will be joined by the Ontario Rotary Wheels for Learning Bicycle Distribution Team of 25 to give out 100 bicycles or more, Sophea Keo - New Teacherat this new Banyan Learning Tree School. What a Grand Day it will be with over 50 Ontario Rotarians and Friends at hand for the opening of this rural school.

Our AMFW/BLT local volunteer team member, Sophea Keo will be the teacher at this new school.

Thanks to sponsorship from Mike and Mary Anne Kinsey, Barbara Seagram and Carol Cartier for providing him with his continuing English courses at ACE in Phnom Penh.

November 2014: Latrine and Well COMPLETED!

Latrine and Well COMPLETED

View our visit to the Kempenfelt Rotary School Building site in remote Svay Rieng province, Cambodia.

Sophea and Lisa visit the site in Daunleb village, Svay Rieng province, Cambodia, where a team of 28 Rotarians and Friends from District 7010 will arrive to build a school!

Landfill is in place thanks to the Barrie Rotaract Club. The Kempenfelt Rotary Club has funded the 45metre deep well and the lavish two-stall latrine that were just finished a week ago, and now the main posts of the perimeter fencing are being constructed.

To help support a phase of this project, contact Mike Kinsey at mikek@bellnet.ca.

New BLT School
This new school will provide free English education to area children and provide projects and programs to landmine-affected families under the Banyan Learning Tree organization in Cambodia.

New BLT SchoolThis area has no electricity and no free English schools. Rotary will 'Light Up' this area with many opportunities for children and families.

Lots happening today (Friday, December 12th) at the Rotary Kempenfelt school building site.

Rotary Kempenfelt School Building Progress - 20141227

Rotary Kempenfelt School Building Progress - 20140104

Rotary Kempenfelt School Building Progress - 20140107

In 3 hours, the first 6 of a team of 28 arrive here in Cambodia to begin building a school in a small village in Svay Rieng province. Construction begins Sunday. Mike Kinsey and MaryAnne Cameron-Kinsey and most of their team of Rotarians and Friends arrive here tomorrow. Many thanks to Noun Amey and Sophea Keo for organizing the local labour.

20150113: UPDATE

It's been a very exciting time here in rural Svay Rieng, Cambodia as our team of 28 Rotarians & Friends from District 7010 begin construction of a Free Education School. This service project has seen local families, friends and even our team's van drivers getting involved with all the cement mixing and strenuous work in the heat. Many Thanks to our special team members Sophea Keo and Sokhal Seng who take charge of our team and the project.
Rotary Kempenfelt School Building Progress - 20150113

Rotary Kempenfelt School Building Progress - 20150113Yesterday was day two at the school build site in a village in Svay Reang Province. What a great day of team work and friendship. Even the locals came out to see what progress we were making. We mixed cement and concrete, by hand, filled buckets, created trains and passed it along as a team to finally hand it off to the local builders to pour into the foundation (View Video). We are lucky to have such great translators and ( a soon to be teacher) with us to help us along the way!!

The team have been on the school construction site here in Rural Svay Rieng province for only 2 1/2 days and we have the foundation in and 6 of the 12 columns are up. We finish the columns and start bricklaying tomorrow. We are getting amazing help from the local people and our drivers. Many thanks to Noun Amey and his construction team and to Sophea Keo and Sokhal Seng.

UPDATE: On Site at the Build: Days 2 / 3 / 4 and 5 - January 12-15.

What a great team we have here to keep eyes on each other and get through the hot days full of hard work. Rotary Kempenfelt School Building Progress - 20150123


Rotary Kempenfelt School COMPLETED

January 28th - by Mike Kinsey

Hundreds of people lined the very narrow streets in this remote village. Best estimation is that 700 people were on site for the grand opening of The Rotary School of Cambodia. It had a festival type of thing going with street venders selling drinks and candy. When I arrived first thing this morning the gates were installed and tent was erected.

I was so nervous just thinking about everything that was about to happen. A new beginning for the two villages and 211 kids would receive a bicycle so they could get to school. At the dedication ceremony I placed a steel plaque with my mother's initials and dedicated the school to her memory and commitment to education. Your mother is your first great teacher. At this time I want thank every single person who bought a bike or donated money for the build. I have a very special soft spot for the extremely special build team who came with me to hand build this school. Bless you all. Read Mikes Journal of the School Building Highlights.

Canadian Kindness
Felt in Faraway Cambodia
Canadian Kindness Felt in Faraway Cambodia

Most people in the bridge world know Barbara Seagram as one of the top teachers, a prolific author and an intrepid tour guide. What's not so well known is how far she will go to help her fellow mankind.

Today, they and their supporters sustain the operations of four schools in Phnom Penh area, paying for electricity, supplies (including computers) and the salaries of teachers and librarians. Continued...

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