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A Mine Free World Foundation and Banyan Learning Tree at work in Cambodia!

8 Landmine Survivors Assisted by CLF in Rural Battambang Cambodia
8 Remote Cambodian Landmine Suriviors Assisted by Canadian Landmine Foundation

Over the past month, A Mine Free World Foundation team members have been able to provide aid to eight remote landmine-affected families in rural Battambang province, Cambodia. Funding from the Canadian Landmine Foundation has provided 2 new homes to homeless landmine survivors, and 6 breeding calves and cow sheds to six more rural families.

One of these families also received a much-needed metal roof for their hut. Families reside in Koas Kralor and the mountain areas of Samlot district bordering Pailin, where demining agencies are still actively at work removing landmines. Projects conducted by A Mine Free World Foundation (www.aminefreeworld.org) team members Lisa McCoy, Sophea Keo, Nouv Saroeun, landmine survivor Nil Noy and Banyan Learning Tree Director Om Chamnap (www.banyanlearningtree.org). Projects filmed by 2020studios.com.
Many Thanks to all our team who are making a difference for these, and 9 other landmine-affected families in Battambang. Cambodia. View Gallery

Sat Sith

March 3: Lisa posted on facebook...

My last plea for today... Sat Sith is an 8-year-old twin who would love to look like his brother.

He has a hare-lip, which can be easily fixed at a wonderful free hospital over here, but we need a sponsor to pay for transportation, meals and lodging and an interpreter to go with his mom and him to the hospital.

His FatherLisa - Off to see the boys family is a landmine survivor with not the funds to get his son for his much-needed operation. A donation of $230 would improve his wonderful smile. Contact aminefreeworld@gmail.com
if you can help.

ONE HOUR LATER...MANY THANKS to Mary Martin Woodall!!!
Mary reaches out...
See your Email, Rick and I will donate the funds you requested for Sat's new smile.

Lisa replied...Dear Mary, that is just so super of both of you. I am on my way to the boy's village today n' off she went to deliver the GREAT news to the boy and his family!!!

In The remote Battambang villages, getting our tuk tuk tank filled up with gas, and then on our way to visit more landmine-affected families. Photo by Terry Asma from 2020 Studios on location in Cambodia.

Socheata UPDATE - March 7:

Socheata back home Socheata is now back in her village. She will be monitored at Angkor Hospital for Children twice yearly and we will be in close contact with her in the village.

Thanks again to all for your support :-)

Socheata visits the aquariumMarch 5: Sadly it will not be possible for Socheata to have her operation. At the age of 4yrs the risks are too high…she needed to have treatment in her 1st year. Thank you all for your kind offers of support. Today we visited the aquarium and the bird sanctuary…an exciting experience for a little village girl.

Socheata gets medical helpOn March 4, Socheata arrived in Singapore on her journey to better health...tomorrow we will go to the clinic..step one:-)

Early in February it was discovered that Socheata, the child of one of our students at the White Dove Weaving Centre was ill. On February 22nd, we took her to Angkor Children's Hospital in Siem Reap with Socheata, where she had a bloodtest completed and saw the GP, while awaiting the ultrasound results (and hopefully to see the cardiologist). So many children waiting with patient mothers. Then, the sad news today for our little girl. The cardiologist advised going to KK Women's Hospital in Singapore as soon as possible. Unfortunately they do not support Cambodian children so it will cost. Please put it out there...any funds we can raise will benefit. We will take Socheata and her mother to KK Hospital, Singapore on March 3 for the surgeon to assess her for the heart operation (She has a hole in her heart). We pray they can help her.

Terry Asma and Katrina Simmons HAVE ARRIVED in Cambodia!

A Mine Free World Foundation has identified so many landmine survivors in the past week with needs from getting a new prosthestic limb, a small village business, or support for their children.
Consider supporting a landmine survivor. Email: aminefreeworld@gmail.com to see how you can help.

Sophea on set with filmakers Terry & Katrina
Living With LandminesThe southern Ontario based Canadian photo-journalist team of Terry Asma and Katrina Simmons from 2020studios.com are returning to Cambodia!

Their first visit to Cambodia in 2005, resulted in raising awareness of the landmine issue in Cambodia with their gallery of photos: 'Living With Landmines' (Click here to view).

Their return to Cambodia on February 21st, 2014, will see them travel into the remote villages of Battambang province for 2-3 weeks with AMFW board member Lisa McCoy and her local team, to film a documentary on a landmine survivor and to produce another gallery of still photos that will document the lives of people living with landmines.

Cambodia has the highest percentage of amputees in the world. 81.5% of Cambodia’s disabled people live in the countryside. There are over 40,000 identified landmine survivors in Cambodia. The most concentrated areas of Mine/ERW (Explosive Remnants of War) are the provinces of Battambang, Banteay Mean Chay and Oddar Mean Chay provinces in the northwest of Cambodia.

Landmine survivors are normally at the bottom of the poverty scale in the rural areas of Cambodia. This developing country is still plagued with over 4,000,000 landmines. Since 1979, there have been a reported 64,202 mine/ERW casualties in Cambodia (Cambodian Mine/UXO Victim Information System).

BLT Schools Christmas Charity Draw - A SUCCESS!!!

Patti and Barbara would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for your generous support. They raised $2,440 with this draw which was held January 13. The money (every dime) goes to their/our Cambodia schools.

Patti and Barbara hoped to raise $1,500.00. They only dreamed about making $2,000.00... and they have EXCEEDED their wildest expectations with this total of $2,440.00. They are thrilled!

The real winners are our schools and the children...but the winners of the draw are:

  • Ballet Tickets to Onegin: Maggie Nebout
    Donated by Patti Lee
  • Original Framed Watercolour: Mitchell Picariello
    Donated by John Verkaik
  • Defence Course: Betsy Bertram
    Donated by Barbara Seagram
  • $150 Ceramic Flat Iron: Libby Hall
    Donated by Joe of Salon Allure
  • Barbara's Bridge Books and Software: Libby Burton
    Donated by Barbara Seagram
  • $50.00 Gift Certificate to Salon Allure: Judi Fenton
    Donated by Joe of Salon Allure

January 18, 2014

CLFM - Sponsorship Update VideoSince 2010, the Canadian Landmine Foundation (www.canadianlandmine.org)CLMF - Sponsorship Update has provided educational support for 14 children of landmine survivors in Battambang province, Cambodia.

Their support includes a meal a day for each child, student fees covered for the older students, bicycles and school uniforms, books and bags.

Watch the video, as A Mine Free World Foundation executive director Lisa McCoy visits the students and their parents at the home of Local Project Coordinator (and landmine survivor) Nil Noy in Koas Kralor.

Landmine Survivors helping Landmine Survivors

Patti Lee with husband, Marty, arrive back in Cambodia on January 29th

She'll be spending 3 weeks visiting the four Banyan Learning Tree Schools that she, Barbara Seagram and the Toronto Bridge Players (www.barbaraseagram.com) are supporting in Phnom Penh and Takeo.

Along with visiting the schools and spending time with the students there, Patti and Marty will also be spending some time with the Rotary Wheels for Learning Team from Ontario, Canada, helping them distribute over 1,234 bicycles to children around the country.

Team of 29 Ontario Rotarians and Friends Arriving on January 25

...to give out the miraculous amount of over 1,234 bikes to kids around the country!! They are still raising funds back home!


White Dove Weaving Centre - Follow us on Facebook White Dove Weaving Centre - Day 3Day 3: It's only been 3 days since the 6 rural women in Takeo have begun their hand loom weaving lessons and already the first 2 scarves are being woven. Under instruction by master weaver, Sokhum, the women are not only being well guided in their new skill, but she inspires them and instils confidence in the women. VIEW VIDEO

DAY 2: On a day trip from Phnom Penh, Round Square team member Sam Morley, family and friend visit the WHITE DOVE WEAVING CENTRE in rural Takeo.

We were so excited to see that the women have progressed from winding the cotton to actually weaving on the big looms!

New glass cabinet, shelves, women with new glasses!

We also saw the new glass cabinet, shelves, bulletin board and landfill! Three of the women needed glasses (they were having trouble seeing the threads), so coordinator Ban Ven, Sam and Lisa arranged a tuk tuk and they were taken to the Takeo Eye Clinic. There they received a free eye test and glasses bought with funding from the RS team member funds. In the picture above, Program Coordinator, Ban Ven is wearing a scarf produced by the women!

Sam and family also enjoyed a visit to the Brighter Beginnings School, Family Care Centre Sewing and Craft projects, lunch at Steung Takeo and then the family sailed away into the lovely canal. VIEW DAY 2 PHOTO GALLERY on Picasa

Day 1 of set up at the Weaving CentreJanuary 3, 2014: Today, hand-loom weaving began at the WHITE DOVE WEAVING CENTRE in rural Takeo, Cambodia. The centre and its programs are funded by the Round Square 2013 Adult Leadership Training Team who came and built the centre a couple of weeks ago! The centre is presently training 6 rural women to weave traditional Khmer cotton scarves (Kroma) - VIEW Student Recipients Info.

In this VIDEO taken on Day 1 watch the 6 women spinning the cotton onto small spindles, which are then wound onto a pegged loom where the weft is prepared (long strands running up and down). The weft is then rolled onto a board, and then each stand is 'picked' through a large metal comb. It was fascinating to see how natural palm fronds and bamboo are used in this time-honored skill. You can also see the looms being set up! (View Video)

The 6 women are being trained by 2 skilled teachers and today (VIEW PHOTO GALLERY on Picasa). Three of the women received bicycles as their homes are many miles away from the centre. Project coordinated by Ban Ven, A Mine Free World Foundation and Banyan Learning Tree. (VIEW DAY 1 PHOTO GALLERY on Picasa)

Chicken House Factory

As easy as 1, 2 and 3

  1. Ban paid some poor people who live near the mountain to get some wood posts from the forest.

  2. He paid some more local poor people to chop down some bamboo.

  3. He had it shipped to 2 more poor people who are getting paid to build the chicken houses!

Lastly - another person will deliver them all to the chicken business recipients.

Ban has really 'paid it forward' making it so many poor families
get a temporary much-needed job!!! WAY TO GO BAN!!!


Sophea is an English-Speaking Tuk Tuk Taxi Driver who has the FIRST tuk tuk in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, equipped with a sound system!

While enjoying the sites of Phnom Penh, Sophea provides a guided tour speaking through a microphone around his neck which is amplified through a speaker located at the back of the tuk tuk.

Audio Driving Tours include:

  • Phnom Penh City Tour
  • Choeung Ek Killing Fields
  • Tamao Zoo
  • Chiso Mountain
  • Tuol Sleng
  • Genocide Museum

Sophea is also a great, versatile SINGER and if you ask him, he will treat you to one of his many songs! He also volunteers for all our Rotary Wheels for Learning and Banyan Learning Tree Projects!
Equipment donated by Barbara Seagram of Toronto, Canada.

To reserve a tour, book a ride near or far, please contact Sophea
  • Phone: 015 262 261
  • Email:
  • FACEBOOK: Visit sophea keo on Facebook

Support Our Cause
A photo-journalist team (2020studios.com) will be filming a short documentary on a bicycle repair shop run by a landmine survivor as well as producing a photo gallery to show the impact of landmines.

This documentary will be used to raise awareness of landmine survivors and to bring attention to how little it can cost to raise a family out of extreme poverty to a life of self-sufficiency by providing them with education, training and/or a micro-business, reaching as far an audience as we can through presentations and promotion. (VIEW all the Details!) All of the funding will go towards project costs. These costs include translators, transport, room and board as well as extra personnel for security as some of the areas are quite remote.

If we do not reach our entire goal, whatever we get will go towards the project. If we go over our goal, all of the funds will be used by A Mine Free World Foundation (www.aminefreeworld.org) for landmine survivor projects. We are a volunteer organization.

A Mine Free World Foundation www.aminefreeworld.org is a registered non-profit dedicated to helping landmine survivors in Cambodia obtain self-sufficiency through education and micro-businesses.

Donations can be made through:
Donate via PayPal

Or by cheque to:

A Mine Free World Foundation
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Kitchener, ON
Canada, N2A 4M3

Your donation to
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Sophea is an English-Speaking
Tuk Tuk Taxi Driver who has the
FIRST tuk tuk in Phnom Penh,
Cambodia, equipped with a
sound system!

Audio Driving Tours include:

  • Phnom Penh City Tour
  • Choeung Ek Killing Fields
  • Tamao Zoo
  • Chiso Mountain
  • Tuol Sleng
  • Genocide Museum
  • Phone: 015 262 261
  • Email:
  • FACEBOOK: Sophea Keo

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